User Experience Design 
A  new introduction for designers and creatives on how to create successful digital environments for users. The cover and interior were designed in close collaboration with author and editor. For the cover we tried to avoid the cliches of UX design books (and there are a few out there). As such the typeface PX Grotesk (with it’s origins in early screen typography) was used throughout in large sizes. The commonly accepted abbreviation ‘UX’ was employed as a background pattern and printed in bright neon green. A review of the book can be found at eye magazine blog:

Client: Laurence King

Sign Painting: A Practical Guide
An introduction to the fundamentals of sign painting written by Mike Meyer and Better Letters. Readers will learn about the tools, materials and techniques needed to create painted signs. From choosing and using brushes, paints, dippers and pencils, to how to prepare and finish surfaces and transfer designs.

A gallery section of original alphabets, created for the book by sign painters around the world, provides visual inspiration and demonstrates a wide variety of styles and approaches. 

We designed the interior of the book whilst the front cover typography was supplied by the author.

Client: Laurence King

Art of the Grimoire 
An illustrated history of magic books, from ancient papyri to pulp paperbacks. The book takes a global overview, looking at Egyptian and Greek papyri, ancient Chinese bamboo scripts, South American pulp prints, and Japanese demon encyclopedias, among other examples.

The cover and interior was designed using a range of textured paper backgrounds making the book feel like an arcane object. The cover typography was picked out with gold foil giving it further tactile qualities.  

Client: Yale University Press 

Creativity Begins With You
Can creativity be ‘taught’? Or is it simply innate? This book will help you find your creativity through your own unique identity and experience, challenging you to fight those negative voices, get out of your habitual comfort zones and – most importantly – play. Part practical workshop and part provocative guide, Creativity Begins With You is an invaluable companion for any student working across the creative disciplines.

Client: Laurence King

Wow Axis Branding

Wow Axis is a sub-brand of parent company WonderWorks. It specialises in the design, build and sale of equipment for the entertainment industry. ‘Axis’ is the description of movement used in the automation industry and is the basis for the logo and brand. 

The logo uses the diagonal axis to both divide, and join the component words. In this way the words form a singular unit but they are distinct within the frame. Some letters have been simplified so that they can be stencilled or cut into steel or alluminium.

Client: WonderWorks

Reading Room

Reading Room is a collection of writings and essays from the shelves of the British Library selected by Ian Sansom. From the fiction of writers such as George Orwell to Carl Jung. The texts are arranged by the months of the year and seasonal themes. 

We were asked to use patterns and decorative papers held in the British Library and discovered a Japanese leaf print within the collection. The pattern has been extended to wrap around the spine and back cover.

Client: The British Library

Product Design Styling
A product design book devoted purely to styling. The text encourages the reader to practice their skills as they work through the sections – with exercises at the end of chapters to test out styling ideas. The inclusion of learning objectives and chapter summaries help to support the practical nature of the topic well – making the book feel like a guided journey through this exciting field.

Client: Laurence King

Hasan Fathy: Earth & Utopia
Shortlisted for The Richard Schlagman Art Book Awards 2019. 

Hassan Fathy is Egypt’s best-known 20th-century architect. He embraced traditional, vernacular forms, techniques and materials and throughout his career promoted their use as part of a campaign to improve the conditions of Egypt’s rural poor. Earth & Utopia chronicles this lifelong commitment through personal interviews conducted by the author, photographs and drawings from the Hassan Fathy archives, and Fathy’s own writings on the subject, many of which are published for the first time.

Client: Laurence King

Tahra Zafar Branding
Tahra Zafar works internationally designing and creating costumes, creatures and puppets for film, TV, theatre, music and events.

The TZ logo was inspired by the geometric forms of Futura Black and is designed to encourage repeat patterns and playful deconstruction.

Client: Tahra Zafar

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